A Chance to Heal

As a community we are building Jeff a new home

that is handicap accessible, energy efficient,

 as well as near his family to promote a healing environment.



After trying many diet/weight loss programs and daily exercise with little change, Jeff underwent a Sleeve Gastrectomy in which the stomach is reduced to about 15% of its original size. Initially the process appeared successful. After 6 weeks, Jeff reported to his doctors he was vomiting everything he ate. He was told it was all in his head on multiple visits to the hospital.  Jeff endured 2 months of continuous vomiting before he collapsed, and was admitted to the intensive care unit.  While on a ventilator, he developed Critical Illness Myopathy, a disease of the limbs and respiratory muscles. Jeff was unable to talk, or use his arms or legs.  Once discharged from the ICU, he was transferred to Cox Hospital in Springfield, Missouri where he began to make rapid recovery through the intensive physical therapy the facility provided. Jeff regained the use of his voice, and began to be able to use his arms and hands.


When his health insurance declined his continued stay at Cox Hospital, Jeff was moved to Seville Care Center in Salem, Missouri. There he was given access to much less intensive physical therapy, though he continued to show signs of slow improvement.  After 19 days at Seville Care Center, Jeff's insurance refused to pay for further care at any facility.  Jeff is still unable to use his legs at all.

When Jeff accepted long term disability, he was unknowingly terminated from his job of 22 years as an IT technician at Missouri University of Science and Technology.  Jeff is now using his retirement fund to pay for his stay at Seville Care Center, but cannot afford the exorbitant price of physical therapy there.  In a few months, Jeff will no longer be able to pay for the room and board at Seville Care Center.

Jeff's current home has many stairs, different floor levels, high energy bills, and is in much need of repairs. It is not suitable in any way for someone in a wheel chair.


Jeff's friends, coworkers, and family devised a plan to build Jeff a tiny house.  The goal is to have Jeff's new home ready for move in September 1, 2018. The home designs are donated by architectural and structural engineers from Missouri University of Science and Technology. Jeff's new home will be energy efficient; incorporate a variety of physical therapy options; and will be constructed near his parent’s home on land the family owns. His new home will utilize all handicap accessible features which can be easily altered when Jeff regains the use of his legs.  Bringing Jeff home to Rolla will surround him with family, friends, and activities he loves allowing him to recover fully in an easily cared for home.  Designs, materials, labor, furnishings, and finances are all being graciously donated by people of the Rolla community. We hope you will join us in this endeavor.



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